The Andalusian does the Commission see the Diversion needs of the region by the lack of rain and the scanty Marsh Cuevas del Almanzora.

The Almanzora region of Levante-receive 6,55 water cubic are the Tajo-Segura until June this year, volume approved at the last meeting of the Operating Committee of the Tajo-Segura, has complied with the request raised by the representatives of the Government of Andalusia in said Commission, see who made the water needs of the Almeria region in the coming months. And is that, as the territorial delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, "If we do not receive these water yields could not secure in the coming months or human supply, or supplies to thousands of hectares of irrigated agricultural area of ​​this important ".

Between April and June, the Almanzora region of Levante-receive 2,5 cubic are for supply to the population and 4,05 to irrigate farms in the communities of irrigators almerienses this user. Whether it is the maximum volume that legally correspond to Almeria for the quarter.

The representation of the Junta de Andalucía in the Diversion Committee has provided a report that justifies the need for this transfer of water to the province of Almería, above all, in view of the low rainfall recorded in the vicinity of Lake Cuevas del Almanzora so far this year hydrologic 2013-2014. And is that, from October to February there have been only 32 liters of rainwater per square meter, versus 79 collected in the same period last year, which was also particularly dry-un 73% least with respect to the historical average for this period, that is 118,4 liters per square meter. These 32 liters collected until February, according to Jose Manuel Ortiz, "Emphasize that this is one of the driest years in history and, if no rain for the remainder of water year, possibly all historical records are exceeded in terms of low rainfall in this area ".

The Central Committee decided to approve the Farm transferable volumes for the next quarter compared to previous meetings which were approved for the next six months, in motivating the central government plans to adopt in the coming 3 meses tanto el Plan Hidrológico de la cuenca del Tajo así como un Real Decreto donde se recojan las nuevas normas de explotación para este trasvase.

The Swamp, to the 15% of capacity

Also, the Andalusian has seen the Commission Trasvase the situation in which the marsh is Cuevas, what happened to store a 48 cubic are at the beginning of October 2012, just over 24 cubic are available, Late February, representing 15,28% of capacity (161,31 Hm3).

The low rainfall explains Marsh Cuevas del Almanzora has received only in between October and February 756.797 cubic meters from its own basin. En total, these 5 months, Marsh wins 5,74 cubic are coming, mostly, of transfers Negratín-Almanzora (2,3) and Tajo-Segura (2,7). These contributions to the dam from the transfers, They have been motivated by broken pipes following torrential rains 28 September 2012.

Once the Andalusian has completed the works of restoration of these lines and have been put back into service in early-March-, The water is supplied directly to the water supply and irrigation users without having to go through the barrier of Cuevas, whereby the evaporation and seepage losses decrease significantly achieving greater efficiency in water use, increasing the availability of water on arrival and reducing costs.

The Territorial Delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment in Almería has expressed confidence that the new rules announced by the Ministry, Almeria province can continue to receive, at least, pampering volumes with current rules, which should result in an annual transfer of up 25 cubic are, which added to the 50 Negratín would endow the province about 17 hectómetros bound to allow populations to supply approximately 150.000 people, and to 58 cubic are watering that would ensure a 24.000 hectares of agricultural land in these counties Almeria.

Bajo Almanzora desalination

In view of the difficulties in meeting the water needs of the region, the delegate of the Board has expressed concerns about the position of the Government of Spain concerning the Bajo Almanzora desalination, since more than two years has elapsed since not been used by the torrential rains of September 2012, and yet the forecasts of the state society Acuamed known to undertake repair and commissioning.

José Manuel Ortiz relies on the responsibility of the Government of Spain and expects shortly to take the necessary steps to bring this infrastructure, in which it invested over 75 million-, and can contribute up 20 cubic hectometers of water per year, volume with water transfers and Tagus Negratín, allow you to stop the water deficit regions of Almanzora and the Levant, and contribute to the recovery of groundwater.