Day is celebrated in Vera 'The future high speed railway transport in the province of Almería'

Authorities and speakers.

Authorities and speakers.

"Today is a day that will be marked in the claim of an important infrastructure and necessary not only for Vera, but for the entire Levante and Almeria province. Me refiero, naturally, the railroad. A means of communication and transportation that the highest authorities of this country seem to have shelved here, Almeria, with the consequent development bottlenecks and opportunities, from economic to social ". With these words and after welcoming the audience, Felix Lopez, Mayor Vera, He opened the conference 'The future high-speed railway transport in the province of Almería', held last Thursday at Terraza Carmona, de Vera.

Veratense the first mayor added that "the almerienses tell us that the time of execution of works of high speed will go a year 2024, namely, we trust to 7 year view. And it can not be. You know what they are 7 and 8 years in agriculture, in tourism, in general industry? In my opinion, these terms as economic damage which will be difficult doldrums ". "We join the initiatives Railway Bureau is carrying out without pause and I want to show that he has our support", concluded.

For his part, José Carlos Tejada, coordinator Railway Bureau, He noted that "it was not coincidence that we have chosen the town of Vera to hold this conference. Vera, in the future, It will be a strategic point of first level, as, It will be the only municipality in the province between Almeria and Pulpí which will have an AVE station. Thus, will bring together a significant flow of movement of people from the region, that will boost and how, the mobility of people, with great economic impact for the tourism industry and other productive sectors in general ".


Tejada he listed below the future scenario of the logistics freight through train, which will bring together the only two dry docks contemplated in the Mediterranean Corridor in the province of Almería. One public initiative to be built with the budgets of the Junta de Andalucía and which will be located at the KM 21 the municipality of Nijar and will serve both the region of the West as the area of ​​influence of the metropolitan area of ​​Almeria and the District of Nijar.

The coordinator Railway Bureau referred to a dry dock, This private initiative, which will be designed and implemented by several companies that will serve the municipalities located in the northern part of the region of Levante. "From the Table", José Carlos Tejada made specific, "Continue to insist on the need for a platform with two-way and that between PGE 2018 and 2021 behold 450 million euros each year to enable high speed operation see in our province by early 2022. ".

The two speakers, Onofre Sánchez, technical director of the Logistics Network Ports Agency of the Andalusian, with his presentation "Sustainable logistics happens to promote rail transport. Logistics Center km 21 Níjar ', and Javier Serrano, Rail Port manager Almanzora Levante, with 'Logistics Center Pulpí, a business initiative ', clearly they drew the need for rail transport, coinciding, also, in areas such as speed and cost, arrive earlier and faster.

Onofre Sánchez revealed that "Andalusia is a strategic point in the European logistics". for Sanchez, good logistics is held in four supports: ports, Roads, Network Rail and Logistics Platforms. Javier Serrano, meanwhile, It meant that logistics in the horticultural sector is a weakness, while the Mediterranean Corridor is a priority for competitiveness. De otro lado, He stressed that the Logistics Center is a born Pulpí project business need.

The components of the Round Table, Ginés Carmona for the tourism sector; the stone sector José Antonio Fernández, Logistics director Cosentino area; and Jose Caparros Segura, consejero de Primaflor, on behalf of the agro industrial sector, They put the look in the immediate future arrival of the railroad, so it was available all infrastructure with which to respond to a demand for quality.