the field of management of European funds GDRs of Almeria is extended to Almanzora

Territorial delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle raising, Fisheries and Sustainable Development in Almería, Aranzazu Martin Moya, He has attended the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Group of Rural Development of Almeria and Almanzora, represented by its president, Pedro Gallardo Nájar by which the management of the measure is regulated 19, Leader, Program of Rural Development of Andalusia in the region of Alto Almanzora. namely, "The signing marks the starting gun for this GDRs assume management Leader in the region of Alto Almanzora, expanding its scope ", He explained the territorial delegate.

From this moment, the technical team of the group, with over twenty years of experience in managing European funds, and he works with the technicians of the Territorial Delegation and the Directorate General of Industry, Innovation and Food Chain in the preparation of the call for aid year 2019. With this announcement the deadline open for both private developers, as public authorities in the Almanzora can submit projects for support from the Ministry, for which they will be made available just over 3,2 million euros for 26 peoples of this region.

Following the signing of this agreement, in the province of Almeria they work currently four Rural Development Groups, under the supervision and management control, They managed until 2020 around 20 million euros dedicated to supporting tourism projects, agroalimentarios, property, cultural and, and general, any project that results in improved services 95 Inside the Almeria municipalities. About, the delegate stressed that "virtually any business initiative arising in these areas can be supported, They are more valued those that believe more jobs, but mostly, among youth and women, the most environmentally sustainable, innovative and to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of rural areas of Almeria ".

Thus, Rural Development Groups "become a good tool for creating jobs and fixing population in areas where depopulation is more worrying," Martin pointed Aranzazu.