Saving the Moriscos Games Purchena.

The Moriscos Games Purchena Cultural Association has carried out two requests to Susana Díaz Pacheco, President of the Junta de Andalucía, The Gabriel Amat Ayllón, President of the Provincial Council of Almería, seeking support from the Moriscos Games Purchena.

This unique historical and sporting and cultural event in Andalucia may disappear, fears that the association has developed a manifest seeking support for Internet firms face to support this initiative.

Manifesto of Support:

“It deserves to be preserved a unique cultural and sporting legacy as these Moriscos Games Aben Humeya so respectful to all cultures and religions. Its continuity means knowing and recognize those who were here before us. Your conclusion would not likewise the loss of unique historical and sports celebration of Arab origin held in Andalusia and Spain.

These games are also Moorish incentive tours to the regions of the Almanzora and Marble and its celebration also an economic boost. Also sponsoring the Games and promote cultural enterprises hiring, for example, music groups such as minority Andalusian, Sephardic, Mudejar and flamenco or participation of artisans who exhibit and sell their products in the craft souk.

With your support we will get your celebration this year and its future maintenance. Thanks.

We ask the Board and the Council to support it. Purchena alone can not”.

Link in which signatures are collectedíaz-pacheco-presidenta-de-la-junta-de-andalucía-d-gabriel-amat-ayllón-apoyo-a-los-juegos-moriscos-de-purchena-este-evento-histórico-deportivo-y-cultural-único-en-andalucía-puede-desaparecer