Rogelio Mena: "The good water is here to stay and no manipulation can bury this historic achievement".

The mayor of Albox, Socialist Rogelio Mena, has described as "shameful" that the PP is "haranguing" the neighbors with "tendentious statements about the price of water", after the arrival of quality water to homes in the town has become a reality, thanks to the management team socialist government. "The good water has come to Albox to stay and no manipulation can bury this historic achievement Socialist City", has declared.

Rogelio Mena albojenses recalled that families no longer have to buy bottles of water, which has resulted in huge savings for households. In addition to the economic question, The Mayor has also been worth the "advance health", after it is gone all traces of radioactivity in the public supply network.

"It is unfair to forget the untold savings brought about by the arrival of good water to households, by water carafes that neighbors no longer have to buy to cook, for personal hygiene and many other everyday obligations, not to mention the hundreds of euros spent by albojenses to repair heaters, washers, supply systems…”, indicated.

The Mayor has stated that "no radioactivity in our taps, water bill, with a normal domestic consumption, gained between 5 and 10 USD per month, while if as it asked the PP had commissioned its management Galasa, the business of the County Council having at war to towns across the province, would have been increased from 15 and 30 euros per month ".

"We know that one euro increase in a bill is something that no neighbor wants in these difficult economic times, and here we have a clear energy policy shows the PP, is causing great damage throughout the country, but the health of our people is priceless and reduce consumption drastically bottles, among other savings, tells us that the arrival of quality water to households is one of the greatest achievements, if not the greatest in the history of Albox ", adds.

In view of the facts, Rogelio Mena has invited local PP leaders to "stop lying to neighbors" and still no "politicizing an issue like water, has been a risk to the health of the inhabitants for decades ". "Socialists responsibility to ask the opposition party and the sooner exceeding trance that has plunged them Albox Town Council has finally managed to finish with a historical problem for albojenses", It has been said.

The mayor also pointed out that socialists Albox understand and support every citizen protest movement right or claim, as they did in the concentration convened in drinking water 2011 by the Platform for Water Albox ', it was received by the City and was able to talk with policy makers.