Rodrigo Sánchez adds value Fair Seron ham and sausages as an engine of internal development of the province

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Rodrigo Sanchez Haro, He has attended the XXIII Ham and Sausages Fair Seron (Almería), an "excellent initiative" presented as an "indispensable appointment to the products of this land and an important gastronomic and tourist meeting which undoubtedly will affect the development of the interior of the province of Almeria". Haro Sánchez has offered the Almanzora "full support of the Junta de Andalucía for this sector continues to generate opportunities" and pointed out that the department heads manages various incentives to eligible producers.

Other, It has referred to grants for improving the processing and marketing industries, the modernization of farms and the promotion of products with differentiated quality, encouraging employers to "keep working to spread their extraordinary products". In this sense, He stressed the importance of being present in the most important meetings, as Andalusia Flavor, Food or Salon de Gourmets, in order to "achieve more opportunities to open new markets".

Speaking, Haro Sanchez praised the unique environment of the Almanzora "gives to his haunches and sausages and unique features unique" flavor, sweetness and lower salt content, features highly appreciated by consumers who demand products "healthy and quality".

Rodrigo Sánchez has also used its presence in this region to meet with representatives of the meat industry and see first hand their interests and concerns. This business sector generates around seven million euros a year and directly employs more than fifty people. The counselor has been worth "the important contribution of livestock and industry of the region to support, development and structuring of Valle del Almanzora ".

meat sector in Almería

Almeria province has over 500 farms with a total of more than one million pigs accounting for 15% Census and over 22% Production of pig Andalusian. The Almanzora gathers around 60 pig farms with capacity for around 34.000 animals.

As for meat companies in Almería, the 75% It is engaged in the manufacture of sausages and hams dryer. On the other hand, in the field of exports JAMONES Seron Cortijo de Canatha highlights, one of the only 20 Spanish entities that can market this product in the United States because of its high import requirements.