Meeting with Redex Gas Natural Gas to install in homes and industries in Albox.

Mayor Rogelio Mena Albojense, Qualifying excellent news gasification project in our town, Albox is incorporated considers the future with a cheaper and environmentally friendly energy.

The Mena, the arrival of natural gas produce a very positive impact on our local job creation and energy saving businesses and households, between 30 and 50% specifically.

"The Socialist Government Team, water and settled, New Indoor Pool and Gym, New Pavilion Francisco Turrets, Health Center Llano del Espino and CADE, with this new project, dedicated to positively resolve the problems of the neighbors and not to "put a spoke in the wheels" other ", says Mayor.

For his part, the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for urban Sonia Cerdán, notes that "we recepcionado the gasification project with natural gas Urban Center of Albox, installation where a main distribution network is established, to subsequently remove branches for housing, trades, bars, restaurants and businesses of all types and incorporated permanently to development ".

The meeting was held in the Corporation attended, next to albojense Mayor Rogelio Men, deputy mayors and Sonia Francisco Pérez Conchillo Cerdán. By Redex Gas, the territorial delegate, Pedro Ángel Nieto Santos, was accompanied by the architect José Antonio Navarro, and commercial manager Juan Manuel Jimenez Villar.

The arrival of natural gas produces positive economic impact, on the one hand, in creating jobs through the execution of works of transport and distribution, and subsequent maintenance.

Moreover, natural gas improves the competitiveness of industry and residential. Local Businesses, through access to cleaner and more efficient energy, achieve increased competitiveness and efficiency, savings between 30% and 50%.

Last, for citizens who have an energy efficient improving the quality of their daily lives and home economics.

Finally, Rogelio Mena expressed their support and endorsement of any investment in the city that generates employment, development, infrastructure improvements and competitiveness of our products with reduced energy costs, improving the comfort of citizens and environmental quality.