Purchena receives the "Public Library and social commitment 2017" award

One of the activities held at the library.

One of the activities held at the library.

Purchena Public Library Celebrates World Book Day, entre otras actividades, with news of scope for that library: Barcelona Social Library Foundation awards the "Public Library and social commitment 2017" award for Purchena Public Library for its Library Project Host, It is the first Andalusian library to receive this award which has national call.

Jury said foundation, in meeting March 2018, He assessed as "Best Social Project Library 2017" which is called "Library Host" of the Municipal Public Library Purchena (Almería).

In Purchena (Almería) there are three centers under. Two of them young host at serious risk of exclusion and immigrants, respectively. Purchena Public Library in his desire to become a meeting place for these young people with local youth, It promotes "Welcome Library" project since September 2015 in collaboration with various social and cultural associations.

Welcome Library main objectives combat xenophobia, racism and social exclusion, visible social and cultural work of public libraries, turn the library into a meeting place for young people from different backgrounds and realities, promoting democratic culture and, of course, promote reading.

To achieve these objectives many activities ranging from classes and other languages ​​Spanish youth from juvenile facilities are developed, book clubs, cultural workshops… Human activity called the Library which was developed in Purchena last July 2017 in collaboration with a field of work of the Andalusian Institute of Youth, It is considered the first Human Library of Andalucia.

Maintenance and continuation of the project after three years of existence is proof of the success of it thanks to the collaboration of numerous organizations and associations as Interprode, Illipula youth associations and Iphitos, youth correspondents, juvenile facilities "House" and "Los Carmenes”.

For the activities over a hundred youth centers under Purchena who have interacting with as many of the town have passed.

Public libraries are the neighborhood, are the people they belong. Public libraries are not only the space they occupy and books and other materials that conform. Are the people who do or can make use of them; They are everything that conforms to the sum of all parts.

Public Libraries are facing a process of unstoppable change due to the new challenges proposed by today's society. Public libraries are also not only spaces for books and reading, but they are becoming, inter, in cultural centers and places of peace where reading is encouraged and, while, cultural and social activities to mitigate promoted, according to their possibilities, disconnection of certain sectors of society. This award national character, created in 2014, It offers the possibility to visualize the work of public libraries in the social field.