Commissioning of the beds that were kept in reserve in the Hospital La Inmaculada.

The management direction of the North Sanitary Area of ​​Almería reports that theas 21 beds that remained in reserve at the Hospital La Inmaculada will start being occupied progressively from next weekend. As has already been explained in recent months, these beds were in reserve as a measure of efficiency with low occupancy in the center and registered with the sole purpose of managing in the best possible way the resources contributed by all citizens.

Now, After registering in the last days, a sustained increase in the demand, management direction North Health District has proceeded to organize the immediate commissioning of the beds were still in reserve in the area of ​​hospitalization and that patients begin arriving from Saturday.

Note that in recent months the Immaculate Hospital has worked full time as normal, with the surgical area to 100% capacity and no there has been any reduction in the quality of care received by citizens of the county to serving.

In the coming weeks the center will implement the various measures under high attendance plan, as the drop in temperatures and the onset of the influenza epidemic made, likely, follow the increasing demand for care.