Issue number three of "El Arriero", Cultural magazine Albox

Year 2018 not to take leave without the third edition of the magazine El Arriero see the light, so this Sunday 16 December is presented in Albox. We saw this project born 2013 due to the lack of a similar project in Albox. This publication comes looking in the mirror of another legendary magazine, Civilization notebooks Basin Almanzora (Roel), that was developed in 1980 after a "Cultural Spring" organized during the months of April and May, where a large cast of top-notch speakers gave a series of lectures on historical and acceptance was such that these papers were collected in a publication, Roel, the first issue appeared in July of that same year.

In 2013 El Arriero began his career with the illusion of new parents, He consisted of 188 pages, all in black and white, with the loss of quality involved for a publication. 2015 It was the year of the second edition of this magazine, Chuck was extended to 1000 copies, color joined half Arriero, maintaining reasonable prices for everyone who was interested had access to it, since the ultimate goal of this project is the dissemination and not the economy. For this third edition of El Arriero reaches 220 pages, having to postpone many articles for the next magazine.

This number has wanted to open borders and include items from the nearest environment. Arroyo Aceituno mills; the pastor of Arboleas and civil war, love-hate relationship between the priest and the communist Arboleas; Captain Christopher, although it was albojense of birth, subsequently it is linked to Taberno, in his last days he decides to have children with her maid; Dietmar Roth from Velez speaks of the protagonists of the apparition of the Virgin of the Bulge; Oria have a character, an amateur archaeologist who discovered the site of Picacho.

The core of the Arriero is the rescue of biographies of albojenses who brought light and glory to his people. Andrés practitioner Eagle, great friend of Roma; the blind batons, with his crew through all the farmhouses in the area; The doctor Ezequiel Martínez Sánchez, freethinker, ahead of his time, Republican leader's personal secretary Ruiz Zorrilla; Admiral Juan García Frías, a whole unknown these days but came to be in the top of the Franco marina; the family Vallés, the horror of war, the 5 Vallés brothers were shot in 1936; Pablo del Águila, one albojense forgotten poet who died prematurely in Granada remains a benchmark; pepe the glasses, he emigrated to France and his return was a member of the revolutionary committee during the war Albox; the great trade D. Pepe García Cortés wall street, selling wholesale to the Spanish Levant; the history of the restaurant owner Shark Eagles; the Currillo, A carver and gilder teacher; albojenses nineteenth century doctors; the sheave and the Virgin of the Bulge, the journey naturalist Simon de Rojas to Albox 1805, group winches. Moreover compose articles and ethnographic traditions: Street view; Masses of joy and alcoves; romances; theater; Ethnographic Museum.

In 2015 It was presented as a new children's version of the magazine with the name "The Arrierico". In this new edition "The Arrierico" is again present as it is here to stay. It is aimed at children sector and similar topics but for these young readers. You can discover the life of Alfredo, the young woodcarver, as a story told; discover some interesting facts about the "Cerro Castillo"; customs, traditions and indigenous vocabulary Albox. Some pages also appear to color with folk motifs of Albox. Ultimately what the aim is to bring the story of the younger audience Albox.