PSOE: 'The PP Vera will not pass a test of four years with a binge of works in three months'.

Isabel de Haro, Secretary General of the Socialist veratenses take the PSOE government program for the upcoming elections opening a municipal office in the coastal zone, including specific measures allowing a true and real integration of all residents in the municipality including foreigners who want to participate in village activities.

For De Haro, the Popular Party has generated "huge inequalities" in the last legislature between Vera town and coast and the Spanish and foreign population thanks to "a municipal government braindead" that "will not pass a test of four years with a binge of works in three months ".

The leader of the Socialists in Vera maintains that "we can not afford that there is Vera for Spanish and one for foreigners living in it because, simply, many years ago stopped being strangers. It is terrible that for a population of such importance just be one or two people trained to properly serve them or that there is a municipal office open all year on the beach when basically sell our coast has twelve months of summer. It is as if we did not believe in what makes us different and we have been bringing all these people in the last twenty years ", says.

The spokesman of the Socialists of Vera maintains that the neglect of residents from other countries is generating significant missed opportunities. "We're letting one of those trains that do not usually cross twice because if those neighbors were perfectly integrated generate even greater opportunities for local entrepreneurs, pero no podemos aprovechar esas oportunidades si tenemos un gobierno que programa sus tareas y deberes para darse el atracón al final, a few months before the election. Eso es hacer lo mismo que esos malos estudiantes que no son conscientes del esfuerzo que supone para su padres que ellos estén en la universidad y posponen sus estudios para la última semana antes del examen. The PP with these actions disrespect to veratenses. #Yosoydevera and clear that my neighbors have taken good note ".

Isabel de Haro, Secretary General of the Socialist Vera, is Professor of Sociology at the University and with a group of collaborators and volunteers prepared a bilingual program which will focus on ten major divisions. The main priorities opt for a model aimed at the use of natural conditions Vera, its distinguishing features and opportunities capable of generating the current sociological point of the region with the sole purpose of generating entrepreneurial opportunities and thereby employment. "But employment, capitalized. Let's start using the technique and knowledge and we will put aside and intuition and good political will. It is the hour of the facts and of our generation ".