Electrical Project Almanzora. A model of sustainable tourism for users of electric cars


The tourism fair Fitur 2019 was the venue chosen by the Association of Tourism Entrepreneurs Valle del Almanzora, Almería, to present the project Electric Almanzora. An initiative focused on continuing to retain the extraordinary legacy of the region, and do favoring the visit of an electric car owners.

The idea is to extend what they call "the largest network of recharging electric cars in a rural area in Spain" to thereby attracting a type of tourism centered sustainability and nature. One way to give value to a rich region heritage and gastronomy who wants to become an attractive area for drivers of electric vehicles.

Oscar Muñoz, president of tourism entrepreneurs explained that the aim of the project is to this year 2019 above 20 loading points in the Almanzora Valley between accommodation, restaurants and local places. Thus Almeria host the rural region most densely charging points throughout Spain, It is benchmark for other Spanish regions.

These charging points will be divided into three categories, with accelerated up 22 kW for recharging en route, from among 7 and 11 kW cargo on arrival, and 3.7 kW for charging at night. Some chargers that this exciting project will be located in establishments that have shown interest in offering the service to achieve operate.

Álvaro Pérez, He explained the advantages of using electric electric car, the changing trend with falling sales of vehicles with thermal engine power and increased the estimate of the ANFAC (Vehicle Manufacturers Association) which states that 2021 They will sell more electric vehicles than diesel. García Pérez showed the map of charging points Spanish Southeast where the low density of vehicles seen loaders and explained that this project will favor lift Spanish people to travel to Andalusia and vice versa, as well as becoming the Almeria region a destination for users of these vehicles.

He closed the presentation of the project Vice President of the Association "Head over to electric”, David Pérez, entity that has worked in information sessions in other developed projects in Portugal and Castilla y León to raise awareness of the use of this energy. This association is actively involved in the project giving briefings, advising tourism businesses and municipal entities.

The draft entrepreneurs Almanzora has a significant number of associates as Provincial de Almería, Association of Municipalities of Almanzora, Almería 2019, Andalusian, company specializing in recharge EasyCharger, Cosentino, etc..

This initiative also will be accompanied by a series of actions aimed at promotion of electric mobility among the population, comprising steps as:

  • information day for entrepreneurs and municipalities.
  • information to citizens with the association days Move to the Electrical (electric vehicle major changes, charging system, evolution of transport).
  • EVs route through the region. vehicles will be taught to the public and small talk about the operation of these vehicles will.
  • Visit influencers during the conference.
  • Invitation to electric vehicle owners to attend the conference and get gifts.

A project to monitor and support that you can hear more on their website: Almanzoraelectrico.es or in their social networks, as in his Twitter account: