Promoter Cantoria must compensate homebuyers illegal to be demolished.

Construction on undeveloped property, acquired in good faith, led to the disqualification of former mayor.

It will proceed to demolish two detached houses owned by British citizens built on undeveloped land in the hamlet Las Terrenas, in Cantoria (Almería), in execution of the judgment of the Provincial Court which disbarred and forced to leave office to former mayor, Pedro Llamas.

It is two buildings whose demolition has already been paralyzed by the City Council in October Cantoria 2013 after that if you carry out the demolition of two others, raised at the same time and by the same promoter in the adjacent plot, pursuant to the judgment.

The notification sent to the City of Cantoria, consulted by Europa Press, fixed for the day 18, to 12,00 hours, demolition of buildings, whose cost is borne by the promoter, also condemned, and quotes Consitorio a previous meeting to coordinate action.

The two single-family homes, as he noted in his order of May 2012 the court of the Second Section, were sold, by private agreement was a public deed, a residentes ingleses “they did not know what was the situation” of those properties.

The notification, Directorate General of Urban Planning of Andalusia Department of Environment and Planning announced that complies with an order of 2 July 2014 Hearing that “explicitly interested” that “proceed to execute the demolition, or failing, communicate to the court the reasons that prevent”.

Remember that the City Council decided to halt the demolition and that should be brought to administrative disciplinary proceedings against the Government of Andalusia for the demolition of the other two buildings three days ago claiming that there was no evidence of a “whitepaper demolition” that ensured “safety” both operators and bystanders and a “declaration requirement for a license” Municipal for this performance.

The Andalusian was alternatively executed three days before the demolition of two of the four houses after giving it two months to the owners of the property two months in place to remove goods and belongings.

The action caused the mobilization of the Association Urban Abuses Almanzora-No, grouping residents whose homes were built outside the law, and the Provincial de Almería, through its vice president Javier Aureliano Garcia, regretted that the Provincial Tourism tour operators would receive calls “complaining about the picture being breast-Almería”.

The former mayor of Cantoria is sentenced to two years in prison and 23 months disqualification from public office for not telling the truth in a written “with official seal” Hall sent to the Regional Police, in which he denied having given permission for the supply of electricity and water to the promotion of four homes built in undeveloped and not reporting these buildings or initiate any disciplinary proceedings or restoration of legality.

In the judgment, Section Two remember the demolition of the buildings and ruled that the four injured Britons marriages should be compensated by the developer with the price paid and expenses paid by the purchase of the house but did not fix the amount and official notice to the execution.

Last minute:

The lawyer for the British families whose illegal houses will be demolished on 18 in the hamlet of Las Terrenas Cantoria (Almería) announced Thursday that it will halt the demolition request until their constituents are not satisfied compensation totaling more than 789.000 euros set in courts.

El literate Alejandro Navarro ha indicated that Europa Press, in its, will argue before the concurrency management “humanitarian reasons” and that victims have been “nonresident” and, in case more than one, “sold its assets” in UK, so living “well with family, either rented”.

In line with this, indicated that the status of their sponsored before the demolition of their properties is currently “delicate” as circumstances suggest that is “complicated that they can charge” as, as explained, Case notes just as responsible civil constructor, who was convicted as an offender against spatial planning 11 months imprisonment and disqualification for special profession or trade promoter for another six months.

The two single-family homes, as he noted in his order of May 2012 the court of the Second Section, were sold, by private agreement was a public deed, a residentes ingleses “they did not know what was the situation” of those properties, City built without planning permission on undeveloped land.

Source: Europa Press