Youth Employment Program in Huercal Overa.

The program is aimed at activation of employment among the population aged 18 and 29 years old, resident in Andalusia and it includes five initiatives that will be implemented under the coordination of Andalusian Employment Service.

The Employee Program @ Young has five policy initiatives:
Young Active Jobs
Social and Community Cooperation to Promote Youth Employment
Internships in companies
Bono Youth Employment
Grants for the development of R D i

To apply for the Employee Program @ Young, interested parties should make an appointment with the employment office. Through the internet I address or by calling 955.625.695 the 902.100.506.

Young Active Jobs

Active Youth Employment Initiative is defined as the set of actions individualized for activation of young people, their tutoring and personalized follow through human resources, methodological materials and specialized in the care of youth.

The initiative was developed in two phases from registration. In the first and from the unit orientation individualized action plan is developed and a personal commitment to subscribe activity. In the second, and within six months of enrollment, is offered to the young person of the initiatives included in the Employee Program @ Young.

Social and Community Cooperation to boost youth employment
The initiative aims to promote job creation in Andalucia by municipalities, encouraging hiring youth for social initiatives and community cooperation that enhance their employability by acquiring skills.

Young people registered as unemployed in the SAE 31 March 2014, from among 18 and 29 years old, registered in Andalucía and entered in the Employee Program @ Young may be contracted by municipalities under this initiative for projects of social and community cooperation.

The fixed-term contracts will be for a maximum period of 6 months .
For the purposes of this Decree-Law, The following projects are considered by social and community cooperation:
custodial care and provision of home help
revaluation of urban public spaces
waste management and water
development, protection and maintenance of rural or natural areas
savings and energy control
promotion of tourism and sport
promotion and development of trade and local products
promotion and cultural development

The amount of the aid group quote and contract for full-time employment will go from 1.700 euros set for the group 1, to 1.300 for the groups 4 a 10.

Internships in companies
Young people who participate in this measurement practices carried out in media companies that best fit your professional profile for a period of 6 months, with days 5 hour.

You will be tutored and practices will have a scholarship is the total amount of 2.880 €, which 2.700 € corresponded to grant that person percibe Mistress, the reason 480 USD per month, and 180 € which are intended to cover the costs of health insurance, accident and liability.

In addition to the general eligibility requirements, who wish to access this initiative must be in possession of an official university degree, in higher arts education, IVT, arts education, professionals or sports education. In addition it may not have had a contract associated with Bono Youth Employment Program in the call for 2013.

For his part, may be associated and partner institutions to develop practical, businesses, whatever their legal form, self-employed individuals and private non-profit.

Bono Youth Employment
The Youth Employment Bono aims to promote access to employment and facilitate labor market integration of young people Andalusian science degrees. For this purpose, financial aid be granted to firms, whatever their legal form, self-employed persons or private non-profit, that enter into an employment contract with a person holding a Youth Employment Bono.

The labor contract shall have a duration of, at least, twelve months, the journey complete the media journey, remain valid for any of the different types of contracts regulated under existing labor laws, except the first youth employment contract and the contract of indefinite duration to support entrepreneurs.

This initiative involves a cash prize amounting to 4.800 euros per contract to complete journey, and 2.400 euros, for each agreement formalized the 50% working hours.

Are eligible for the Youth Employment Bono who meet the general requirements of the Employee @ Young Program and are enrolled in it and also in possession of a college degree, IVT or Compulsory Secondary Education, obtained in the last five years. Those who meet these requirements, obtain ownership of the Youth Employment Bono from 1 August 2014.

About a 8 May 2013 maintain ownership of Bono Youth Employment under the call for 2013, meet the requirements of the Employee @ Young Program and have not signed a labor contract thereunder, maintain their rights in the same condition that the new owners.

The deadline to enter a contract with a person Bondholder ends on Youth Employment 30 November 2015.

Becas I D i
The Scholarship Initiative for the development of R D i is part of the package approved by the Junta de Andalucía to encourage the recruitment of young people to the Andalusian labor market, facilitating the transition from research at the university level to the enterprise, through a period of work experience 9 months, development of R D i.

The aim is to bring young researchers to Andalusian business, so that access to a first professional experience and even potential recruitment, and, that the knowledge acquired by young researchers result in society, developing R D i, in companies in Andalucía.

Grants for the development of R D i is endowed with a budget of 4,1 million for implementation and has the Andalusian public universities and companies that join the program, by signing the corresponding agreement with the University.

The initiative consists of 500 scholarships, minimum distributed 20 and a maximum of 60 by University. Each scholarship is endowed with 7.200 euros for the young person and beneficiary 1.000 euros used to pay the fee by the University. They also have a commitment to insertion 20%.

Universities applying to participate in this Initiative will be responsible for selecting the candidates to the ownership of the scholarships that are called according to the criteria of merit rating baremación and described in Article 54 Decree-Law.