Teachers and families are formed in healthy and safe use of Internet.

General Vera

The Department of Education has organized a training day for the proper use of new technologies in the town of Vera.

The Department of Education has organized a training day called 'socio-emotional competencies for effective use of new technologies', whose aim is to train the educational community in socio-emotional skills necessary for the responsible use of social networking, and also, disseminate and share experiences from various schools in the province. The objective also involves awareness to make the Internet and social networks fully healthy environments. It's about giving value to privacy as a protective factor and raise the awareness of the illegality of their violation and conflict generated.

In these days he has had the help of 'PantallasAmigas', initiative whose mission is to promote the safe and healthy use of new technologies and the promotion of responsible digital citizenship in childhood and adolescence. For this, has had the participation of Urko Fernández Román, Technical Engineering in Computer Systems, researcher risks in using ICT and project manager of this project of Screens Friend, who underlined that "the advantages and opportunities of the Internet for children and adolescents and the need to encourage families to live and share their lives on the Internet and through new technologies safely and healthily integrating Skills training Life in educational strategies ". To Urko Fernández, "With these skills, people, especially girls, children and youth, have the ability to establish a friendship not only smart screens but with everything that represents them enjoyment and fun ".

During the day also starred Miguel Vera Sibajas with the paper "Child: emotional skills and social networks.
Noteworthy are the best practices set out in the table experiences and has had the participation of IES Alto Almanzora Tíjola, to "Creating short as bullying prevention". He has also participated CEIP Virgen del Mar de Cabo de Gata, with: "Learning feeling" and IES villa with Vicar "Cibermanager".

Throughout the day, three workshops have been developed : "Emotional education and practice Mindfulnees", "Values ​​education through audiovisual media" and "get excited: Education conscious and experiential practice relaxation techniques applied to the classroom ".

In Andalusia schools prevention work for responsible and healthy new technologies through Coexistence Plans, Tutorial Action Plans and the "School Project: Space for Peace ".

When a case of harassment arises through technological means, intimidation, disseminating insults, threats or publication of unwanted images via e-mail, messages or web pages on mobile phones, schools have a protocol that starts immediately. This ensures the protection of minors and the implementation of education and appropriate disciplinary measures in collaboration with families, and also, derivation, to procede, services of the Ministry responsible for child protection.