First contact group at the University of Granada to study the Almanzora Palace

The mayor by the working group.

The mayor by the working group.

The government team of the City of Cantoria who chairs the Socialist Puri Sanchez is taking firm steps in the rehabilitation of Almanzora Palace. So, some days ago, the building was visited by a group of students and professors at the School of Engineering Building at the University of Granada, who will work in his study of face-to analyze and propose a viable project for rehabilitation.

The visit is the result of work initiated by the municipal government more than a year ago and has resulted in the signing of a collaboration agreement with the University of Granada. "The goal is that this group perform scientific and technical work to be translated into about a dozen architectural projects that the city can use in the future to launch the long-awaited renovation the Almanzora Palace", He explained the mayor Puri Sánchez received a university delegation along with several councilors. In this sense, the first mayor stressed "the rigor that this group of young research has amply demonstrated and that numerous projects, agreements and research contracts they have done and give us enough collateral to trust the professional results, scientists and innovators sure we have ".

In this manner, soon will begin fieldwork of this equipment to be provided to the Consistory stay and meals during the time they are in town making measurements and data collection face to develop their projects on how to intervene, regenerate and rehabilitate the Almanzora Palace.

Once the City Council these studies available, Sanchez Puri government will bid for the next edition of 1,5% Cultural granted by the Ministry of Public Works recovery of this monument of the eighteenth century included. Having these funds is critical to become effective the agreement reached with the owners of the property that is not municipal, prepared to make them to the local administration for a period of 50 years of this intervention ensured.