President of British homes will be affected by number 2 List of PSOE in Albox .

The president of the Association 'Urban Abuses Almanzora-No', Maura Hillen, representing foreign citizens, mostly British, Homeowners illegally in Almería, will concur with the PSOE in the municipal elections of May and take the number 2 headed by the mayor of Albox list, Rogelio Mena. Hillen, who is on the candidacy as an independent, has decided “with the explicit support” of practically all partners AUAN, although the collective, as indicated in a statement, maintains no affiliation to any political power.

“I'll go as an independent to keep my freedom of action, chasing my main goal is the legalization of housing. I'm on the list in my personal capacity and should make clear that AUAN will remain an independent association. I have the hope and sincere belief that this road will be useful to all, then it is time they put aside the words and concentrate on the facts” indicates.

“AUAN spent several years trying to see to the administration and political parties injustice that afflicts thousands of foreign buyers who have purchased their home in Spain in good faith, having invested her life savings and now are unprotected, some without basic services, others unable to notarize their homes, and many judicial procedures pursuing the demolition of their homes without compensation, it urges a solution”, concludes.

“Although AUAN has received statements of support, some are somewhat lukewarm and uncertain while the PSOE is the party that has shaped concrete changes in legislation and is about these changes that I would devote my efforts”, It has been argued.