Vera presentation of the latest book by Francisco Lopez Barrios


At 21:30 of last Friday, during the presentation at the Convento de la Victoria de Vera of the latest book by Francisco Lopez Barrios 'I am all I could never give kisses', to the author of the work informed him by telephone the granting of the Andalusia Prize Critics story in its XXII edition by “creativity in building the characters of the two long stories and short story end, ranging from apparent normality to delirium after falling masks of the characters and reveals his true personality; all it supported by an effective and deeply critical with less social isolation prose that turns the individual into a being increasingly committed”.

The description of the merits of the Prize awarded novel, They had been previously identified by Antonio José Lucas, Director General of Cultural Innovation and the Book, who in his speech Lopez Barrios defined as "an unconventional writer, who writes about what he wants without caring too much that may arise in the person read. It is a bold writer, brave; I think that beyond styles, the great merit of this book, 'I am all I could never give kisses', It has to do with entering very complex issues but he addresses them in a very graceful manner ". Lucas, and he expressed some of the same feelings he had experienced reading the book, including delight carried away by a brilliant prose in a story effectively built.

For his part, the writer and journalist, besides advisor Andalusian Audiovisual Council, Eduardo Castro Maldonado, He did a masterful journey through the life biography of Francisco Lopez Barrios from its beginnings in journalism, his foray into literature and also their rural experiences. a journey, in sum, full of experiences in different cultural areas.

Francisco Lopez Barrios, He spoke about his work and influence of the region of Almeria Levante in his writing since I decided a good day with his family to take up residence in a hamlet of Cuevas de Almanzora, The Wolves. He recounted his, sometimes, unusual experiences, at the same time he highlighted the strong character of the people of the area. Francisco Lopez Barrios wrote pages of extraordinary literature at the same time learning to plant olive trees or grow vegetables, thanks to the good offices of those who helped him in rural tasks.

Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, which opened and closed the presentation of the book 'I am all I could never give kisses', It highlighted the honor of sharing the table with Antonio Lucas, Eduardo Castro, Isabel de Haro and Francisco Lopez Barrios. "For us it is an honor and a pleasure to share this evening with Lopez Barrios in the presentation of his book and the happy coincidence of the granting of the Andalusian Critics Award for his work", He concluded.