Presentation of the "windows to the soul" in Vera

Attending the presentation.

Attending the presentation.

Councilwoman Maria Montoya education and technical education Vanira Martínez presented at the Faculty of Education project Granada “Windows to the Soul” which has been running since 2015 in the city of Vera.

Vanira Martínez responsible for the design and implementation of the project presented, at a news conference two hours, patterns of how these projects should be created in addition to explaining the method is carried out. According to his presentation, aimed at students of the Degree of Social Education and Master of this same line, Ventanas Al Alma is a multi-method project for social programs and comprehensive education ranging from prevention to intervention both individually and collectively.

According to Maria Montoya, intervened to explain policies on education being carried out in the City, "Windows to the Soul is a big bet of the Department of Education since there are few municipalities that develop projects of such complexity". And that includes complex windows to the soul as varied as the programs and truancy program (prevention, control and intervention), social mediation program, intercultural, family and school (conflict resolution), agent tutor program (job placement), social integration program (second opportunity), training program for teachers and families (Report to prevent), program of prevention and intervention in bullying, integration program for children at risk of social exclusion and the program receiving university practices in the field of education and social services.

Note that this project has aroused great interest in education and social intervention, It is awarded in 2016 by the Ministry of Education and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities (FEMP), because of its innovative design in the form of multilevel project.