Book Launch “Tíjola, an ancient city” in the IEA.

This book has a very clear mission is to inform neighbors, Visitors and interested, heritage values ​​that characterize the population inherited a strong urban tradition with its roots in prehistoric times.

The coordinator of the guide pointed out that this is a book that addresses: History, Territory, Occupation and Human Activities, Historical and Artistic Heritage, Life and Popular Culture, Vintage Photos album, and Historic Route. "The merit of this work is that the County Council and have shown IEA serve municipalities and authors who have produced texts that make up the work. I've only been the whip ", ha asegurado José Domingo Lentisco.

Note that all authors are members of the Association which was founded in 1995 and does a great job picking up the story of this town with a long tradition.

Immediately, Special mention is made to the figure of Gonzalo Pozo Oller, teacher, writer and historian, recently deceased.