Hall controversy between sellers and market Tíjola.

The opposition Socialists echo complaints made by changing the location of the posts.

The Local Group of the Socialist Party of Tíjola wishes to express its disagreement with the measures taken by the PP government team in the city of Tíjola, while you want to inform the neighbors and residents of the municipality partial and interested attitude in which we have proceeded to implement a new regulation of the market traditionally held on Saturdays.

The Local Group of the PSOE has been found and be satisfied by the testimony of the owners of the posts in the past two weeks the notifier agent Hall and council area are directed towards positions indicating a new location, so they already had varying antiquity for its consolidated through regular attendance. Said agent notifies them word that they must abandon its historic site and take the new place to be assigned, much more distant, under the threat of not to get permission to sell in the market Tíjola, warning besides the presence of the Guardia Civil patrol in case of incurring contempt. Given that fact and due to the confusion created, many of the vendors have decided not to exercise the sale at market.

Influence the location of the market is consolidated for decades, enjoy the favor and acceptance from neighbors and visitors from the surrounding villages, making inexplicable adoption of these measures.

The Socialist Group has learned that Mayor Tíjola, the popular Mario Padilla was asked by a patient on the matter, to which he replied verbatim: "My head hurts. In know anything. Not to care for anybody ". With so frustrating situation, ask the government team to explain the criteria to be followed in the organization and management of the market and tell who was who authorized the changes. We denounce the treatment received by traders, and without changing them without being approved in committee and passed by city, unequivocal demonstration of how to govern the PP, absent from the general interest and to agree actions that affect the residents of Tíjola, thereby achieving lock the normal development of the economic activity of the municipality, much needed in these times of crisis and difficulty entrepreneurial.