Controversy in full on Galasa.

General Olula River

The Socialist spokesman regrets that the ruler does not allow him to explain to the neighbors how the PP "has gotten to Olula in a dead end".

Socialist spokesman in the city of Olula, Elena del Arco, wants to clarify that the PSOE councilors left the extraordinary plenary session last Saturday in protest against the "undemocratic attitude" that kept the mayor and his "blatant lies" about the conflict generated by the County Council with its decision to amend the articles of public company Galasa. Del Arco regretted that the mayor refused to give the floor so he could explain how the PP "has gotten to Olula River in a dead end, with statutes that seriously injures the interests of the municipality ". After the mayor refused to open the floor for debate and loosen the game "a litany of lies" to hide "partly to blame" for the adoption of these statutes, the Socialist Party refused to continue participating in "pantomime" and decided to leave the plenary hall.

The plenum was held last Saturday at the request of the Socialist Group, that called for changing the statutes Galasa be included in a monographic session, to the serious consequences that can have final approval for the township. As explained by Elena del Arco, Olula City Council faces a difficult choice: ratify the new statutes of Galasa, already received the approval of the mayor Olula the AGM last summer, or leave the public company.

As has been detailed, the first option "is a problem, since Olula River only receives service debugging Galasa, while supply and sanitation has contracted with Gestagua ". "As the new statutes require Galasa receive from the services of integrated water cycle, City Council Olula River should terminate the contract and pay an exorbitant Gestagua compensation to offset the renewal of the contract 20 years was signed last November ", has added.

The second option, abandoning Olula River as partner Galasa, "Would require the City to pay a proportionate share of the debt that keeps the

company that exceeds 20, 2 million ", has denounced the Socialist spokesman.

Given the seriousness of the situation, the Socialist Group requested last February holding an extraordinary plenary session, that "finally was summoned by the mayor Saturday, something that had never happened, to prevent it was stored ", regretted Del Arco.

On the agenda prepared by the PSOE contained the express rejection of the City of Olula new Galasa statutes and the request to amend the mayor for that issued voting at the General Meeting of Shareholders of Galasa held in the month of July.

Once the Socialist spokesman finished reading the preamble, the mayor, "said he had convened in plenary session for legal reasons, but the IBA to allow struggled all, since the city had not received any communication on the alleged change of statutes Galasa, something that is radically lie and that the Secretary himself had to deny Hall, because the truth is that letters have been receiving since last summer urging the City Council to ratify the new constitution ", explained Elena del Arco.

In the "double challenge" the mayor, who "lied about facts that everyone knows and refused to open a floor for discussion, as required by Law ", the council of the Socialist Group made the decision to leave the room. "We will not allow the mayor to make fun of the neighbors we represent", Arch has ensured, "And if they think with shows like Saturday they will shut up, wrong ".