Water pose a theater studies rowing channel Cuevas del Almanzora

Cuevas team visited with the mayor and Councilor for Tourism and Culture.

Cuevas team visited with the mayor and Councilor for Tourism and Culture.
Cuevas team visited with the mayor and Councilor for Tourism and Culture.

Film professionals and representatives of the Government of Andalusia and the city of Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería) They have visited the rowing canal of the town in order to study the creation of a water film studio in the area, according to the proposal within the center of tourism initiatives in Almería.

As he explained by the Board in a note, promoters 'Studio channel', Cuevano representatives of the City and the Film Commission, along with several technicians, film industry professionals and representatives of the Government of Andalusia, They have held a meeting to look for a suitable location for the construction of a large water set to offer international companies in the audiovisual industry.

The next steps for the development of future “Aquatic Studio” Cuevas de Almanzora will consist in carrying out the valuation reports, that according to the project promoters, after almost 12 months of work, son “very positive”.

He participated in the visit Fernando Victoria de Lecea, production director of films like 'Knight and Day’ or 'Box 507', whoever “soon he will visit the province to look for locations for his next film”, according to the Andalusian Administration.

After a meeting in the city of Cuevas, the group of visitors toured the rowing channel environment in order to analyze in the field the possibilities offered by the site to carry out the project and a wide photographic dossier of the photographer's hand Benjamin Navarro.

Those responsible for the CIT, permanent member of the film table ALMERIA, have claimed that “the location is unbeatable, and if we consider that the sector demand this type of film assets, profitability could be more than feasible”.

For his part, the mayor of the municipality, Antonio Fernández, and at the time he received an advance of the requirements by the Andalusia Film Commission to launch this project, and conditions are linked to make a common coordinated approach that can attract “large tourist and commercial benefits without great cost in infrastructure upgrading”, since the main part, the channel, It is underused since its opening for the Mediterranean Games 2005.
CIT President Almeria, Andrew Lucas, It has indicated that in Cuevas del Almanzora “It is brewing a series of projects to medium and long term that can turn this area into a single European enclave and expanding Europe” whereby “the conditions are so we can treat you to you to cities like Madrid, Barcelona or London”.