Emergency plan to prevent silicosis in companies in the stone industry transformed.

Includes a visit to more than 400 workplaces in Andalusia, 128 of them in the province of Almería.

The Andalusian will implement an emergency plan to prevent silicosis, serious occupational disease, with a program of visits which includes inspection 400 workplaces Andalucía, 128 province of Almería, which are related to the manufacturing sector of natural stone.

This was announced today the Secretary General of Employment, Antonio González, during the opening of a conference held at the Delegation of the Government of Almería, in which this plan has been submitted to shock more than one hundred technical prevention sector companies and doctors specialized in occupational medicine, with the goal of having their collaboration in the development of this action by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health. Also, collaborate in the conference both the National Institute of Silicosis as private sector companies like Cosentino and prevention service UMIVALE.

Antonio González was accompanied during the opening ceremony for the territorial delegate of the Ministry of Economy, Science Innovation and Employment, Adriana Valverde, and director of the National Institute of Silicosis, Pere Casan, while the days have been closed by the Director General of Occupational Safety and Health of the Andalusian, Francisco Javier Zambrana.

Employment Secretary General explained that silicosis is an occupational disease that has undergone a remarkable resurgence in recent years, with 175 pneumoconiosis cases registered from a year silica Andalusia 2007, 37 them in Almería. In order to slow down their development sector companies in the manufactured stone, Board launched a pilot program in the year 2010 with 155 visits to workplaces. According to Antonio González, the goal now is to expand this initial action over 400 visits throughout the autonomous community, and significant impact of the plan in Almería, where undertake 128 inspections due to the strong presence in the province of this industry.

The Plan will be developed by qualified technicians of the Centers for the Prevention of Occupational Risks in each province to ensure that all work materials machining techniques right quartz dust control measures in the outbreak of the generation. After this first inspection, the plan includes measures to check the effectiveness of the security measures applied by exposure assessments. Equally, be reviewed that employees have and use personal protective equipment suitable respiratory, and subject to a surveillance program of specific health.

Pneumoconiosis silica was responsible 50% of reports of occupational respiratory disease rate reported last year in Andalucía, year in which there were 23 professional communications of this pathology, two in Almería.

Along with the emergency plan, Directorate General of Occupational Safety and Health is developing a project that serves to validate technical solutions to control dust exposure in the sector. The ultimate goal of this project is that good preventive practices in preventing materialize dust exposure, Satisfactory results which allow not be needed for subsequent measurements.

The Secretary General of Employment has also used the conference to announce the upcoming presentation of an Action Plan with Business Risk in Occupational Disease (PAERE), which has already received approval from the Andalusian Council of Occupational Risk Prevention. This plan is included in the general programming III Action Plan of the Andalusian Strategy for Safety and Health at Work 2010-2014, comprising 132 different actions and 72 lines of action, with an investment of 6,5 million.