The prosecution intends to seek a sentence of three years in prison for a businessman accused of appropriating nearly six million euros from the sale of property in the town of Vera (Almería) whose contracts fell short.

A.F.M., as joint administrator of the corporation Ingofersa SL, faces in the oral hearing scheduled for this week to one count of misappropriation particularly severe in the fraud by the interest for him, outside the jail, pay a fine of nine months because of 12 USD per day.

The prosecution claims, also, compensate the other employer, L.I.F., jointly and severally with the company of which he is administrator, with the amount of 5.969.039 euros allegedly appropriated between 2006 and 2007.

He written indictment indicates that A.F.C., with criminal background in computable, formalized with L.I.F. a first contract of sale in April 2006 two farms registered in the Land Registry of Vera.

Both supposedly last traded price of 4,9 million, the buyer would have delivered a total of 4,2 million at the date of signing the contract.

In the same month, acting “equally” as joint administrator of the corporation Ingofersa SL, agreed to sell two other properties for a total price of 2,9 million, of which L.I.F. handed at the time of signing 1,5 million.

The last contract, as recorded by the Attorney, was formalized by two other farms and value 600.000 euros.

The prosecution indicated that, “due to supervening circumstances, outside this procedure”, resulted “impossible” give final effect to these contracts, “result A.F.M., with the intention of unlawfully see increased its equity, did not return the amounts received”.

“Instead of returning the amounts received in advance the fulfillment of contracts of sale, if they are left to, ignoring the requests made by the complainant”, adds.

Source: Europa Press.