Machine train station restored in Tíjola.

Associations railroad Andalusian friends have asked 1,6 million in the State Budget (Fge) 2018 for the return of Guadix-Baza-Lorca-Almanzora train.

In this sense, this past Saturday took place at the station Bobadilla, located in Antequera (Malaga), the formal constitution and public signing of the Statute of the Andalusian Federation of Friends of the Railroad (Faaaf), consisting of railway associations of Andalusia.

This federation has said in a statement that “one of its priorities is the total structuring of the Andalusian regions by rail”, so that “the situation is considered shameful isolation railway has spent years suffering the eastern part of Andalusia (Granada, Jaén and Almería)”.

Also, He has criticized “especially the lack of connection by train to the Mediterranean Basin, since closed more than 33 years the old railway line linking Guadix, Base, Almanzora Valley to Lorca”.

A proposal from the Association of Friends of the Railroad District of Baza, one of the founders of the Faaaf and vocal on the board of the same, It has supported the Government's request for priority reopening of this railway branch Guadix-Lorca, as well as the demand for an item amounting to 1,6 million in PGE 2018, Feasibility Study for mandatory, according to a report from the University of Granada (Ugri), collected by the association.

Source: EuropaPress