when signing between Perez and Andres Ibanez Siquier.
when signing between Perez and Andres Ibanez Siquier.

The last friday, 16 September, Carlos Andrés Pérez and García Ibáñez Siquier (President of the Foundation of Art Ibáñez Cosentino) signed the contract by which the photographer almeriense, National Photography Award 2003, yields to Ibanez Art Foundation Cosentino all your records. A fundamental legacy not only for knowledge of the artistic importance of Pérez Siquier, but also for the study of the history of Spanish Photography, based on the role that almeriense has had on the renewal of the national photographic art black and white and color.

The site chosen for the signing was the room that the Ibáñez Museum Olula del Río dedicated, since its opening in 2005, the work of Pérez Siquier. A space in which the photographer and García Ibáñez were accompanied at all times, as fedatarios event, by Antonio M. Pascual (Mayor of Olula del Rio), Santiago Alfonso (marketing director of the company Cosentino and patron of the Foundation of Art Ibáñez Cosentino), Rita Casanova (patron of the Art Foundation Ibanez Cosentino) and Teresa, the photographer's wife.

This signature will, as it is reflected in the official document, On arrival at Olula del Río an "extensive archive consisting of slides, photographic negatives, when prints on paper, journals, books, posters and other advertising elements exhibitions, digital files and other documents of interest in several media summarizing his career as a photographer ". An important contribution to the already fed funds Ibanez Art Foundation Cosentino to be retained, custodiará, will exhibit and will serve researchers in the future 'Center Pérez Siquier'. A new building, annexed to Ibáñez Museum, whose construction and working from the Foundation.

The document signed last Friday also includes other points of interest, as the implementation of the digitization of all assigned objects; the assignment by photographer managing your important photographic legacy and archive to the Foundation, through the 'Centro Pérez Siquier'; or the design and maintenance of a website where the collections of the new cultural center will spread and assets transferred file, allowing access to them to researchers around the world.

Thus, in short, and parallel to the construction of the 'Centro Pérez Siquier', cataloging each and every one of the objects that make up the loan from photographer almeriense file will begin and proceed to the digitization of the same, in order to facilitate the work of conservation of this important legacy. An assignment that is in addition to the more than two hundred photographs positivadas large and medium format, previously, Perez Siquier donated to Ibáñez Museum, where it is preserved the largest collection of photographs of almeriense.