Pedro Perales Larios presents "My memories. José Mª Álvarez de Sotomayor "

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Echegaray Theater hosted the last day 16 March presentation
book "My memories. José Mª Álvarez de Sotomayor ", a work
Autobiographical the poet Cuevano, with editing, preliminary study, notes and
Pedro Perales author index Larios.
The presentation of this book, edited by Arraez Editors, with the
sponsored by the City of Cuevas del Almanzora, had the
interventions Mayor Antonio Fernández Liria, the great-granddaughter of the poet
Julia Llera Martínez, John Grima Cervantes editor, the official chronicler
Enrique Fernández Bolea and biographer of the poet and author of the edition
Book Pedro Perales Larios.
As explained biographer, "All written and edited works
Sotomayor have been understood and studied until today, and thus can
continue to happen, but after this publication we have
an irreplaceable tool that we can not do without if
we want to do with the depth and the foundation that provides its
reading. These memories also have the added value of being a valuable
source of information and data from ethnographic and historical value
who are also interested in the knowledge and study of history and
intrahistoria Cuevas and its people during the time he lived, she met
and he collected in them the author ".

Pedro Perales Larios.

"The passage of time has confirmed this work as the primary and most
valuable pillar that must necessarily be sustained studying
literary poet ".
As he highlighted by Pedro Perales, "We would not have this book in
hands had not been for the generosity of the granddaughter of the poet Elizabeth
Martinez and her daughter Julia Llera, I thank those who have trusted
me to bring the ship to port its publication ".

In the words of mayor, Antonio Fernández, "This work we
can continue the task of recovering the values ​​of our
past. A document, unprecedented since November 1947, that is not limited
to collect only aspects, anecdotes and personal experiences from his
Author, but it is at the same time attendance record of the varied and rich
Cuevas everyday story in many diverse facets ".