Pedro Molina, Favorite Son of Albox.

In an emotional speech in which he has mixed memories and feelings, the rector of the University of Almería, Pedro Molina, has received today in the city of Albox appointment as 'Favorite Son' of the town. Accompanied in the hall of the Mayor, Rogelio Mena, and the spokesman of the municipal socialist group, Matías García, university coral and more than a hundred people, Molina has shelled in his speech memories of his childhood in Albox, where he was born in 1945. "Upon receiving the news that the City of Albox had thought me Favorite Son, I was amazed how I hit the news. Suddenly, appeared a whole cluster of sensations, of experiences stored in the drawer of memory in which I had not even noticed before. It was as if visualized at all of the affective network and family ties that marked my early years, my childhood ", said the rector of the UAL in the opening lines of his speech. Molina pointed at the end to receive this appointment has meant for him "the best gift" of his life, "The most beautiful gift of my village where I spent little time but that has marked my life".

The full council unanimously approved Albox last 4 December appointments Molina. Before, the governing body of the municipality had initiated the administrative record for the granting of Title, that today's event has also given him the head of the University, along with the gold shield Guildhall. Pedro Molina lived in Albox its first life cycle until they are moved to Almería. His father, Alfredo Molina, he taught school and was always also linked to Albox, where he taught several years in the Llano de los Olleres.

The corporation argued the appointment on merit achieved by Molina, which has a broad academic curriculum, professional and research within their field of knowledge, philosophy and anthropology. A personal and social level, as detailed in the aforementioned administrative record, Pedro Molina "stands out as a symbol of transition Almeria, equality and solidarity (…) has become one of the ambassadors who have the people of Albox ".

Molina graduated in philosophy from the University of Valencia in 1969 and obtained his doctorate in this field and from the same university in 1986, with a study of Marxist-tragic vision of the world in the work of Lucien Goldman. He began teaching at the University of Granada in 1970, in the Faculty of Arts. In 1972 he was a professor at University College Almería (still belonging to the University of Granada) and in 1993 He got his place as university professor in the Faculty of Humanities Almería. He earned his teaching that year. Molina has taught, also, extensive teaching and research and has published dozens of articles and several books, some of them on Almería.

In his speech, that was preceded by the reading of the administrative record of the appointment by Matias Garcia and the words he has devoted Mayor, Molina has spoken at length about his childhood in Albox and Aspilla, a large family farmstead located near Chirivel, of his time in the seminary, where he spent eight years, from 10 until 18-, its subsequent membership in the Communist Party and the teachings he received from his family, especially their parents: "Never a word of anger or vengeance, like my mother, although the opposite thought quite the contrary, has accompanied me all my life ". "Over time I have learned that there is no absolute truth, your beliefs are your truths and that truth is no more true than another. (…) I have learned that what is important is affection, always necessary, and that thought has guided my action also when I had management responsibilities and has been instrumental in my responsibility as president of the University of Almería ".

The act of appointment of Pedro Molina as 'Favorite Son' of Albox have attended more than a hundred people, including entire family, the governing body of the University, many teachers, some students, the municipal corporation in the, employers and Diego Martinez Cano and Antonio Pérez Lao, journalist and director of South Canal, Antonio Torres, territorial delegates Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment and Equality, Health Social Policy, Adriana Valverde and Alfredo Valdivia, respectively, and the Popular Party senator and mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, Jesus Caicedo, inter alia.