Participants 17 countries, in the II Migration Huércal Overa


A total of 17 countries participated in the Second Meeting of intercultural Migration held yesterday in Huércal-Overa, with a ceremony in which the gastronomy, music, dancing and conviviality were the main protagonists. The participating countries were countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, China. Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Honduras, Morocco, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Peru, Dominican Republic, Senegal, Venezuela and Spain.

Mayor, Domingo Fernández, with councilors Monica Sanchez, Antonio Lazaro, Monica Navarro and Emilio Perez, They were in charge of welcoming the hundreds of attendees.

Fernandez said that since the government team "we are all pleased to celebrate this day for the second year in which all who are part of the society huercalense participate and show our traditions and culture, can learn more countries of birth of many of our neighbors ".

The assessment by the attendees has been positive, as well as to learn more the roots of these neighbors enjoyed a pleasant day together, the City Council remains committed to this meeting "that this year more countries have joined, course opened the door to anyone who wants to be part of it. We are very pleased with how the day has passed and especially because once again we have given shows that in Huércal-Overa we have all the opportunities mimas, We are all children of this town, although some birth but of heart, and unites the feeling for our town ", He detailed the council area, Monica Sanchez.

United Nations proclaimed 18 December International Migrants Day, considering the high number of people in that situation in the world and the interest of the international community for the protection of their human rights and fundamental freedoms. Huércal-Overa has become for years in a multicultural society with a total of fifty-seven nationalities.

The celebration of this day in the city also marks a benchmark and that was an act with special features that makes it unique in the area. Among the demonstrations there were dances of Bolivia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Ecuador, Senegal, and Egyptians. And especially many words of thanks to all whose work and dedication have made Huércal-Overa reach and staying here is easy.