Palomares, 48 Years after.

On this day ago 48 years Palomares pumps. That event became the largest nuclear accident Almería and placed on the map of the world is kicking. There are still 40 acres with plutonium decontamination and remains one of the disputes between Spain and the United States.

It was 10 and 20 morning 16 January 1966. A B-52 and a tanker collided over the skies of Almería. The accident crero a fireball that surprised the neighbors of Almeria Palomares and placed in the center of the world during the Cold War. The plane was carrying four nuclear bombs. Three fell to the ground and 1 at sea, it took months to find.

United States deployed its power to remove some of the contamination, burying ground and taking some rest here. While the Franco regime tried to silence all. With a bathroom for the story I wanted to end the problem.

Aid promised, was launched Indalo Plan, with regular checkups, grounds were sealed, but 48 years after contaminated soil remains. 50 thousand cubic meters of contaminated plutonium remain a stumbling block in relations between Spain and the United States. Los Americans promised to decontaminate all. A commission of experts traveled to the area to prepare reports, but today no one moves on. Palomares even formed part of the agenda Rajoy interview with Obama a few days ago.