Mental Health Patients Immaculate Hospital in the tournament kitchen 'Mentalcheff'.

General Huercal Overa

The Immaculate Hospital of Huercal-Overa has welcomed today's tournament kitchen 'Mentalcheff', in which they have participated users Clinical Management Unit (UGC) Mental Health. This activity is part of the program of events organized by the Northern Area Health Almería on World Mental Health Day, in order to break the stigma that still affects people with mental disorders and promote their social integration.

The tournament has been developed at the Library of The Immaculate Hospital, collaboration with Chef Luis Antonio Molina. Above 50 patients have participated in the activity, is started with a talk by Molina about chocolate and its use in the kitchen. Then, has undertaken the preparation of chocolate truffles, which were then tasted by the judges.

This is the second edition of 'Mentalcheff', last year also focused on pastries, with the preparation of a cake by users of Mental Health. The delegate of Equality, Health and Social Policy, Alfredo Valdivia, has attended the conference and congratulated "both professionals and the users of Mental Health, for their involvement in all activities organized during this week and whose ultimate goal to present the true reality of people with mental disorder and help remove the stigma and prejudice that still affect them ".

The tournament kitchen is part of the activities organized by the Northern Area Health Almería on World Mental Health Day (10 October) and which erupted last Friday, 3 October, I Regional Meeting with Public Participation and Health 'hello', attended by different social groups and citizens Levante area of ​​the province of Almería.

These activities must be added the painting exhibition, formed by the work done by users of mental health services, that throughout the month of October you can enjoy in the Hospital La Inmaculada Huercal-Overa and in different health centers Area.

On Monday, 6 October, a handmade rake is also held at the Hospital La Inmaculada, in which they have exhibited work by patients of Mental Health; and yesterday held a sports tournament. The activities will be closed on Friday, 10 October, with a panel discussion and presentation of prizes to winners of sports tournaments.

The World Mental Health Day is celebrated this year under the theme 'Living with Schizophrenia'. In this issue, the World Health Organization has set a goal to present the reality of the 26 million people estimated to be living with the disease worldwide, emphasis on recovery, it is not only possible, it is the natural process of those who are diagnosed with the same. Similarly, This year the emphasis is on the fact that this disease affects not only the sufferer, but also their caregivers, their families and their social environment.