Patients of Mental Health North Health Area Almeria participate in a guided tour in the town of Vera.

This activity is part of 'ActivArte' program, which seeks to promote healthy lifestyles among people with mental disorders and promote their social integration.

Patients in the Clinical Management (UGC) Mental Health North Health District Almería participated in a guided tour to the town of Vera, Almeria Levante. The activity was organized in collaboration with the Andalusian Foundation for Social Integration of Persons with Mental Illness (FAISEM) and the City of Vera. The goal is to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage social integration of people with mental disorders.

The visit included a tour of the most emblematic places of this town: Convent, The 'Cuatro Canos', Church of the Incarnation, the Chapel of San Ramon and the Bullring. Following the tour patients participated in a popular food, paella, whose production has been implicated Club volunteers Aging Vera.

The director of the UGC Mental Health North Health Area, Marin Macarena explains that "the fight against stigma is a battle that must be won slowly, and start taking steps towards recovery; for this, is essential that through various activities the general population understands, palpate and feel that there is another more positive view of mental illness ".

This activity is part Program Health Promotion 'ActivArte', an initiative aimed at patients suffering from severe mental disorder, and their families and their immediate environment, developed from the Northern Area Health Management of Almeria and FAISEM.

This program includes two basic lines of action. On the one hand, promoting physical activity through sport, hiking or group excursions, as a fundamental part of the organization of leisure and recreation in the community context. On the other, the promotion of social relations, involvement in the community, prevention of isolating and collecting opinions, suggestions and artistic expressions of people with severe mental illness by creating the blog "Mentarte".

Speaking of Severe Mental Illness (TMG) refers to a set of different pathologies, but have a number of common problems of disability caused by the disease. The impact of TMG, well understood, is huge in terms of the quality of life of those affected and their families.

People with a serious mental disorder are a particularly vulnerable population, to be associated with higher prevalence of somatic problems, higher mortality rates for certain diseases and lower life expectancy than the general population. Apart from preventive health actions, detection, intervention and monitoring of mental disorders, is of utmost importance to promote healthier lifestyles among these people.

Nowadays, protecting and promoting physical health of people with severe mental disorder is considered a priority area of ​​intervention worldwide, both from an ethical point of view, as public health, as it affects the protection of fundamental rights of persons, as they relate to their possibilities of being and quality of life.