Ortiz Bono forest view home Tíjola.

General Tijola

José Manuel Ortiz, territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, has visited the Forest House that the Andalusian is in Tíjola, a visit in which he held a meeting with officers of the Environment Area, who has recognized "the great work" they perform for the control and maintenance of the forest estate in the province of Almería.

These law enforcement, in his dual role of environmental police and technical management, among other tasks have control, monitoring and management in the development of regional expertise in land and forest fires, hunting, Fisheries, conservation of wildlife, cattle trails, protected areas, costs, environmental prevention, air quality, waste discharges to the coast and.

The Andalusian mountain, along with a huge environmental richness, has an important cultural heritage composed of elements associated with agroforestry management, such as forest homes, You tinadas, apriscos, troughs, cisterns, pools, ovens miera, caleras, rafts, apiaries, sources, wells, dornajos and ditches, infrastructure necessary for the management of forests, so the Andalusian intended periodic servicing and maintenance investments to ensure functionality.