Opinion. “Neighborhood forgotten in Vera Playa”.

Jose Luis Paret Peñalver .

Summer resort in Vera Playa and would like to report the neglect of the municipality in the district of Salinas, specifically in the Cañada Julian Avenue.

The weeds grow out of control on sidewalks, being impractical. There are no crosswalks or crossing can. They have removed the bins, parks are neglected, never cleaned, children slip and fall while playing because the rubber floor is covered with sand. Shrubs grow between slides and swings, There are trails that are no longer crossing. Most street lights are off because that melt not manage, so the park at night is dark.

Not to mention the access to beaches. We've spent years demanding a pedestrian crossing, because now you have to risk their lives to cross the road and down to the beach to, to the bars and restaurants or Consum. I refer to the crossing of the Salar Avenue Main Road, where the bike path and sidewalks end abruptly on the side of the national.

This summer I returned to see how crossing the road families with toddlers. They run with flip flops and towels, stop in the middle of the road because a car is packed on the other side, hay frenazos…
And every year, then gradually the developments in my neighborhood are selling apartments, fortunately.
It's about time a disaster occurs.

It is a tourist developments neighborhood, and it is a shame that the city and try to vacationers, we pay property tax like everyone else.