Oleoalmanzora install a semiautomatic oil bottling plant in Pulpí.


The Andalusian trusts and supports the proposed project Oleoalmanzora as generating added value for the region and specifically for the municipality of Pulpí (Almería) where it will be located. It is a rectangular nave, located in the industrial estate of Pulpí I, construction consisting of the ship 560 m2 in which a semi-automatic oil bottling plant will be installed to package and market their own oil.

All this for the enhancement of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the setting up initially three direct jobs with qualified and optimal technical training. Depending on the business needs more jobs will be hired if the volume of activity requires.

Such support of the Junta de Andalucía, has materialized through the GDR (Rural Development Group) of Almeria.

The ultimate goal of Oleoalmanzora is that the product reaches the consumer with impeccable commercial presentation of a quality product packed in glass or tin for more dignifying the product to the consumer and extends to all parts of the world, since the main aim of the company is exporting its inception.