Eye Bululú represent the classic 'Twelfth Night or what you will’ and Vera.

The troupe presents Bululú the eye next Friday 9 May, to 21.00 hours, at the Municipal Theater “Region”, the classic play "Twelfth Night or what you will" by William Shakespeare, directed by Antonio Romero and interpreted by Zaira Montes & events, Julio Flores, and whose length is estimated 80 minutes.

"Twelfth Night or what you will" It is an assembly that combines a fun tangles, setbacks, misunderstandings, deceptions and disappointments with exciting stories of love and heartbreak. Everything a romantic comedy could give itself is assembled in this piece. Viola and Sebastian, twins, shipwrecked off the coast of Illyria. Viola manages to get almost lifeless to the beach, believing that his brother has died. Dressed man posing as a page with the name Cesario, begins serving at the court of Duke Orsino, which aims to Olivia, who continually rejects. Cesario Orsino used as confident and as a messenger to declare his love to Olivia but Cesario-Viola, actually- begins to fall for Orsino while Olivia, meanwhile, falls for the messenger, is Cesario. A love triangle that will accompany us until the outcome is set comedy

In a second line of action, that will overlap with the first, a fabulous comic terceto formed by Feste, insolent Olivia Jester, Don Andrés, a fool suitor the same, and Fabian, an intriguing individual, hatched a mockery of Malvolio, Olivia Butler, into believing that he has fallen in love with him and intended, producing a series of hilarious situations that will take you almost go crazy.