New communication service incidents via mobile APP in Cuevas del Almanzora

Presentation App.

Presentation App.

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora joins over 300 municipalities nationwide have Green Line service. Through this direct communication channel, neighbors can apprise the consistory damage that may detect in your area, completely anonymously.

In the presentation they were attended by the mayor of works and services, José María Bascuñana, the mayor of María Isabel Alarcón economic development and business development director Green Line 'Smart City', Fernando Calvo.

Thanks to this tool for citizen participation, The Council aims to meet the needs of the municipality and well, be able to solve the issues communicated.

Ultimately, It is an essential tool to "achieve our position as Smart people and get the welfare of citizens, as marks our 2016-2025 Strategic Plan ", as stressed José María Bascuñana.

To use this new service is necessary to download the APP Green Line. For this, users access Google Play or the App Store based on the technology used in its Smartphone (Android / iOS). Once located, It is done downloading free. From that moment, the user selects the municipality on which wants to communicate the incidence. The procedure is very quick and easy.

To report an incident, simply click on the button "Notifies your issue". A pop-up with the different types of incidents displayed. The user selects one on which you want to communicate.

Automatically, APP detects the exact coordinates in which the defect is located. The next step is to attach a picture of the incidence and observation on the same. It only remains to give the submit button. Once sent, City staff will automatically receive notification of damage connected. From this moment, procedures are initiated to resolve the detected incident. The citizen, turn, receives notification on your mobile phone whenever a change occurs in the state of the same.

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora "encourages residents to use the service Green Line". This can be downloaded in the link:

Green Line service can also be accessed through the domain

Through the Green Line service user on request, You can receive informative communications issued by the City Council. You can also consult the main points of interest are located in the municipality.

Among other awards, the Green Line service has received the prize Conama 2014 Sustainability. Also its implementation has meant Quality Award 2013 in the category of Urban Sustainable Development and Healthy awarded by the Spanish Healthy Cities Network (RECS). This award recognizes initiatives that assist in improving physical and functional environment of the municipality promoting socio-economic development and promoting personal quality of life, familiar, labor and social citizens.