New book by poet Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa

Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa

“clear eyes dark days” It will be published by the Editorial Nazari.

Fernandez Espinosa with Benjamin Prado during last week's Poetry Vera.

In the coming weeks will release the new book by poet Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa, who has already brought together a dozen books published.

The new poetry collection revolves around social criticism with a style of poetry dehumanized, using a low pitch pretends to make the reader's reaction to the images described.

Overall, an interesting collection of poems, curious, antilírico at times and other deeply striking contrasts by the author gets.

The word is questioned. The echo of silence is present, loneliness, literature, not knowing and ignorance of the other: the existential questions that every poet seems to have. De facto, Doubt is a constant poetic and uncanny metamorphosis in the texts and authors who practice: questions, assumptions, ... openings serve to communicate with readers proposing closer readings, so the confirmation and realization that humans are both the author and the readers, is very present and becomes comfortable reading within that discomfort of knowing men, deadly, next to nothing.

There is a covert social criticism helps the speech flow: the mixture is power from the closeness found to link the image of the boat with the night or sniper with Rilke and Narcissus.

There as a personal abandonment-a selflessness, a valley crossed reventado- remember moving into social: poemario wins the visual power with images that are made-from poetic, personal clear-.

Dreaming is denigrated in society, but the dreamer -great poem can be beaten or loved one, be the proud beloved body scanner. As the fool never contemplate inside the scent of flowers, the calendar will not grant rest: Death can come but if we have to reach contemplating the beauty take, palpating or describing their beautiful garments.

There is a constant transgression of lyrical speech with dark images, prosaicas, as phone booths, the bars, or funerals: Dora Maar or Kurt Cobain rub shoulders through the pages of poems while lingerie sin (between)saw a city of more than a million corpses according to the latest statistics would say Damaso Alonso: the author proposes the crisis as antipoetic and funny stuff, entertaining and unceremoniously.

Anyway, whatever happens, back to the ash and dust from which come, so we can mix the blood of Lorca to guide us along the way to Neverland.

Exile and memory appear slowly, brief glimpses of something as fundamental as is the person, it depends on the time feels one another, a vice versa: pain and uneasiness caused curious mixtures.

The author

Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa (Tíjola, Almería, 11/01/1974) Pedagogical vocation and interest in education and training, He studied teaching at the University of Granada. Closely linked to culture and local development, He has usually worked in public administration, being important promoter and catalyst for local and regional initiatives, some of them developed by the European Union and Unesco. Researcher and writer, he founded the Institute for the Study of Valle del Almanzora with the Association of Municipalities of Almanzora,He is in charge of its management and the design and development of projects. Specializes in team management, centers and arts and cultural organizations by the Superior Institute of Art, Superior Technical HR. Master in Management and Master in Cultural Tourism Development, Dynamism and Technical Heritage, Local expert and Graduate Development by CSR Business School Barcelona.

It was one of the proponents of the so-called “Manifesto Urrácal” in favor of socio-cultural development of the Almanzora and Platform “Friends of Calguerín”. Member of the Historic-Cultural Association of Tíjola, President of the Historical and Cultural Association “Phenicia Baria Villaricos” and active contributor to the Kati Foundation in Almeria. Member of Unesco Center in Andalusia. Sociocultural promoter Observatorio del Almanzora. During 2017 It is responsible for Art Center VillAnita of Cuevas del Almanzora. Coordinates the Poetry Week Vera.

Articles, Ideal and published by Diario de Almería, a collection of historical facts is made, singularities, characters and analysis of Valle del Almanzora.