Nine groups in the 'National Amateur Theatre Competition' IES 'Martín García Ramos' in Albox.

Albox General

A total of nine amateur theater groups participating in the national competition organized by the Institute of Secondary Education 'Martín García Ramos', Albox. The territorial delegate of Education, Culture and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, Isabel Arevalo; Small towers Francisco, Director of IES, and Sonia Cerdán, City Councillor Albox, presented this morning the forty-fifth edition of this competition which will take place between the 7 and 15 March.

Speaking, Elizabeth Arevalo has referred to 'acquired by the educational community of this institute albojense commitment to cultural activities, from the conference on the poetry contest of amateur theater, fully consolidated, and where the protagonists are the students of the center itself ', whose group 'Muñoz Seca' opens Competition Day 7 with the works 'Things Gomez' and 'Fin de fiesta'.

The other theater groups coming from Madrid, Granada, Malaga, Valencia, Salamanca and Murcia. The competition offers ten works in cartel. Day 8, the 'theater the other day' group (Madrid), interprets the text 'Nudism for undecided' Dolphin Estévez. Day 9, 'The Jart theater and audiovisual' (Madrid) interpreter 'Fando y Lis', adaptation of a work of Fernando Arrabal. On Tuesday, day 10, 'Milonga Theater' (Granada) interprets the play "Open Couple ', Text amendment of Franca Rame and Dario Fo. Day 11, the 'Alezeiateatro' group, Benalmadena (Malaga) interpret an adaptation of Euripides' play, ‘Medea’. Thursday 12 is the turn of the group 'Garnata Theatre', of Granada, who will stage 'A miracle for Teodora'. Day 13 the 'Stres de quatre' group (Valencia) will represent the work 'Bitches'. Day 14, 'Sphinx Theatre', Salamanca, interprets the work of Manuel Berrocal 'The verb amar'. The group 'Mudante Cia', Murcia, Contest closes Sunday 15 March, with the work 'Orchestrating 3 2 '.