Visit of authorities to the police station.
Visit of authorities to the police station.

The Official State Gazette (BOE) He published on Saturday 8 October the creation of the new Immigration and Documentation Unit in the town of Huércal-Overa in order to bring citizens of the regions of Levante, Almanzora and Los Vélez offices issuing personal documents.

The new office will be installed on the premises of the headquarters of the local police in an Office of Documentation of the National Police it will be located.

Facilities that are located in a strategic location with direct access from the highway, "Thinking of the citizens of the different regions, to have easy access. It has been very generous with this not because we think municipalism but a real service to the more than 150.000 citizens of different nations to come up Huércal-Overa issued and renew their documents”, said Mayor Domingo Fernández, who he recalled that "one of the commitments that the Government of Spain has is to facilitate and improve the quality of life for residents both Huércal-Overa and the various nearby municipalities that will service, and that commitment this service is part, an office to issue official documents, DAYS, Passport and TIE”.

Fernandez said that with this publication in the Official Gazette one of the last steps is given before the opening of the office is expected to be launched later this year, endowing, through the joint work between administrations, of a service to the residents of Huércal-Overa and nearby counties, a service with which we avoid displacement with consequent economic savings as much time for citizens. The truth is that the process has been effective and fast from the moment when the idea to locate this office in Huércal-Overa has listened to us the need and will soon have it in our people moved”.

The Government Sub Almería, Andrés García Lorca, He expressed his satisfaction "by Order published in the BOE will bring to Huércal Overa an office that prevent transfers and waste of time for the residents of this region who need almeriense process their ID card or passport". With this measure "the commitment of the central government in this town to give added value to the services offered to the inhabitants of Almeria shown".

In principle office documentation for Spaniards and foreigners will have three positions to the public, waiting area and two internal offices. Having separate entrance at the headquarters of the Local Police. Attention will be paid two days a week, having planned expansion to more days if demand requires it.