New sensory integration room in Vera

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Within the commemoration of World Autism Awareness Day, held yesterday, the departments of Children and Youth and Equality and Social Services City of Vera held the II inclusive workshops to sensitize young people on disability "Warning signs TEA". The talks were held at the Convento de la Victoria Vera where Ana Fuentes Martinez intervened, specialist speech therapy psychologist and co-director Interacts center and Begoña Rodríguez, Asperger social worker association Almería.

The cycle is closed with a table experiences by Monica Baena, President of this; Alejandra Exposito, PT specialist teacher in Early Care and TEA and Amparo Garcia, President of the Association Asperger Almería.

At the end of the colloquium Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, He signed a collaboration agreement with Monica Lopez, representative of the "ASTEA Huercal Overa" Partnership for installing a sensory integration room in the municipality of Vera.

According to the mayor, "The objective of this agreement is to formalize the collaboration between the two entities for the development of occupational therapy service, in the new sensory integration room we launched, where "ASTEA" Association will provide advice and support in the treatment and development of individuals affected by ASD who are treated at the center ".

The new classroom sensory integration launched by the consistory is located in the Ciudad Deportiva de Vera and its goal is to maximize individual potential of each child through the use of therapeutic activities promoting interaction of children with the environment that surrounds.

According to Monica Lopez, "These objectives are achieved through fun and challenging activities to activate the nervous system and integrate new sensations experienced, so our work will center on this line. "

On "ASTEA" Association

ASTEA Autism is an association of provincial level to Almería, nonprofit, It made up of relatives who welcome into its ranks people affected with TEA and TGD.


TGD: Generalized development issue.


.- Support and defend families to improve the quality of life of people affected by TEA.

.- Promote school integration, labor and social of people with ASD.

.- Creating and managing centers, services or care programs for these disabilities.

.- Collect and disseminate information on general and specialized problems of autism and other pervasive developmental disorders.