New service office entrepreneurs in Huércal Overa

Authorities attending the inauguration.

Authorities attending the inauguration.

The City of Huércal-Overa and Almería Chamber of Commerce continue to strengthen ties of cooperation and make the service favoring both companies and entrepreneurs with a new office of the Corporation in the Commercial Km 0 Plaza de Abastos. Mayor of the municipality, Domingo Fernández, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Diego Martinez Cano, the Councilor for Economic Development, Monica Navarro, Provincial deputy Guillermo Casquet, along with other representatives of the government team, inaugurated this morning these agencies with which service will be businessmen and entrepreneurs of the town and surrounding counties.

The mayor stressed that "the City Council collaborated with the Chamber of Commerce with the aim of bringing the negotiations and to facilitate attention to entrepreneurs and business, not only with this action but the training will begin in the coming months, offering a service to companies in the region, entrepreneurs and those who are planning to launch a project. After the disappearance of the cameral antennas from both sides we set to work to favor entrepreneurs lift moving the camera closer to the region and now we have these dependencies in which they may make various efforts and promote the formation of the residents of the region. Thus we continue to work on the line established since the government team to provide more and better opportunities to those who have in mind an idea and neighbors in general ".

For his part, President of the Chamber of Almería, He explained that "this office can make all the efforts made in Almeria" and highlighted the efforts being made by the City Council in entrepreneurship, thankful that this Office is an held in the municipality.

In the coming weeks they will go by publicizing the various training activities and activities to be jointly push, One will be the course of window dressing aimed at traders to be held in November.

The opening hours are Monday through Friday 09:00 a 14:00hours.