New Board of Directors of the Association of Tourist Businesses del Almanzora

Oscar Muñoz.

Oscar Muñoz, Grill Owner's Master Sierro, heads the new board which also includes nine other people involved in the sector.

Tourism Business Association of Almanzora just hold the assembly which has chosen the new board to give boost to tourism initiatives in the Almanzora.

In this new stage the association will be chaired by Oscar Muñoz Pérez manage Asador Master Sierro. The new board will be composed of ten people, with the president will be: Carmen Freedom (Marble Interpretation Center), Luis Aurelio Pérez (MiGuiadeOfertas), Ramón Molina (Hotel Jardines la Tejera-Terra Cafe), Antonia Medina (Casa Rural Picachico), R. Medina (Reul Alto Cortijos Rurales), José Juan Gallardo (Restaurant The Polygon-Tijola), Juan Antonio Marín (Hotel Valle del Almanzora-Armuña), -The Francisco Click- (Restaurant Plaza Nueva Seron) and Pepa Franco (La Posada del Candil).

The assembly also approved the new tourism project for Almanzora has prepared the association and aims to unite the efforts of the municipalities and entrepreneurs to build a plan to promote and position the region as a tourist destination in Almería. To do so they will have the cooperation and participation of all municipalities in the county, the collaboration of the Association of Municipalities of Almanzora, Group support Proder Almanzora Rural Development, the Provincial de Almería and the Delegation of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía.

This new tourism project for the Almanzora be presented in the near future. Thus, hard and reborn with new ideas this business association to defend the interests of tourism entrepreneurs of the valley and to value the tourism potential of the region.

The outgoing Board, He was headed by its president, R. Medina, who worked for several years at the agency, "So that the area is referenced in domestic tourism ', said the outgoing President who always highlighted the tourism potential of the municipalities in the Almanzora.

Source: NOW