New edition of the Albox National Art Festival


Since 50 years the National Art Festival was organized in the municipality of Albox, which has recently been renamed "Francisco Torrecillas", former director of a secondary school and current Mayor of the municipality.

This Festival gives name and cache to the town of Alboje in Spain and in other countries around the world, for its long history and relevance in terms of participants and awards. Internationally recognized competitions attended by important celebrities from the world of letters, music, the lyrical song, etc., who make up the jury of the different Competitions, granting them the level that they have achieved today.

The festival consists of the following contests:

VI International Competition of Lied and Concert Song

Day 1 May 2021 to 19:00h at the “Federico García Lorca” Assembly Hall in Albox, Sopranos, mezzosopranos, tenors, countertenors, baritones, etc., accompanied by their pianist, meet in Albox in an International Contest for a unique opera show in the entire province. One of the few events of this kind that are held in the country, recognized and admired by professionals in this specialty. Free entrance.

XXI National Declamation Contest

Day 8 May 2021 to 19:00h, above 40 registrations are received from all over Spain to participate in this contest, the best rhapsodies of the national scene are selected that will delight in a free act to all the attending public declaiming their poems in the Hall of Acts "Federico García Lorca" of Albox. This contest is one of the few and most important held in the country.

50 ANNIVERSARY of the National Amateur Theater Competition

From 20 to the 23 and 27 to the 30 May 2021, including, to 19:00h in the Assembly Hall of the Municipal Water and Health Center of Albox.
The best amateur theater groups from all over Spain are selected, from over 80 inscriptions to represent their works in our municipality, in which it is the oldest and most important event on the national scene

XIII Chamber Music Competition

Day 12 June 2021 to 19:00h, from duos to sextets of the different instrumental types from all over Spain offer a free concert of authentic chamber music, in the cozy atmosphere of the “Federico García Lorca” Assembly Hall in Albox.

XX International Young Poetry Contest "Martín García Ramos"

Above 200 Original and unpublished poems are received from all the countries of the Spanish-speaking world completely anonymously and a single collection of poems is chosen to win a € 6000 cash prize, in addition to its publication, is the most important prize for poetry to under 30 years in Spanish speaking in the world, backed by personalities such as the president of the Jury, Jon Juaristi, who was Director of the Cervantes Institute or the National Library of Spain. The award ceremony for the winner is held on the day 18 September 2021, at 7:00 p.m. in the Assembly Hall of the Municipal Water and Health Center of Albox.