Ibanez House Museum inaugurates a new temporary exhibition with works by Ginés Parra and Doroteo Arnaiz

Ginés Parra work.

Ginés Parra work.
Ginés Parra work.

From Saturday, 9 April, until Sunday 1 May, all visitors to the Museum House of Olula del Río Ibáñez (Almería) They have the opportunity to enjoy a new exhibition produced by the Art Foundation Ibáñez Cosentino: "Ginés Parra and Doroteo Arnaiz. Two teachers of the School of Paris ".

An exhibition curated by Pedro Segura Cano, who has also written the catalog texts published on the occasion of this interesting exhibition dedicated to two members of the School of Paris. That core of Spanish artists during the first half of the twentieth century settled in the Paris of modernity and avant-garde, and also they belonged teachers and Bores, Cossio, De la Serna, Clave or Plum.

For the occasion you have selected a total of twenty-five works of Ginés Parra (Zurgena (Almería), 1896 - Paris, 1960) and Doroteo Arnaiz (Madrid, 1936); two artists whose lives intersected in 1958. Time when, thanks to the intervention of the sculptor Baltasar Lobo, Doroteo Arnaiz first visited the house-workshop Parra was in the number 4 of the Texel Street Parisina, since being created close ties between the two painters.

Doroteo Arnaiz, internationally renowned writer and director of the National Calcografía between 1980 and 1985, They have been selected thirteen etchings made between the decades of 1960 and 1970, most of them belonging to the 'Interchangeable' series.

Ginés Parra, the artist Ibanez House Museum permanently exhibited seven works in your room 8, They have now selected twelve drawings and oils. Works most of them unpublished, what gives this show a special interest for those who want to know a little more the work of this international almeriense whose close ties with the Parisian avant-garde art led him to maintain friendships with masters like Picasso, Oscar Dominguez and Julio González.

The exhibition will be free from Saturday 9 April until Sunday 1 May the usual opening hours Museo Casa Ibáñez: from Tuesday to Sunday (both inclusive), of 11:00 a 14:00 h. in the morning, and 18:00 a 20:00 h. in the afternoon.