Sub representatives to the Government Delegation.

Levante mayors and Alto Almanzora, accompanied by the Government Delegate, Grace Fernandez, and the delegate of Economy, Miguel Ángel Tortosa, They have held a meeting with the Government Sub Almeria today, Andrés García Lorca, in order that the central government to move in the next State Budget it is included in the Network Planning Electric Transportation 2015-2020 the corresponding item to the infrastructure of the power line Vera-Baza- Caparacena.

Mayors Alto Almanzora and Levante Garcia Lorca have passed their discomfort and concern, Besides requiring the Vera-Baza-Caparacena power line a reality before the end of the year. The mayor of Vera, Felix Lopez, and for the rest of Selectmen,"Is putting the development of the Levante-Norte de Almería area at risk because imperiled urban development, investments and the future of very important territory of the province of Almeria ".

Thereby, the mayors of Garrucha, Tower, Cuevas del Almanzora, Bédar, Zurgena, Los Gallardos, Vera, and Arboleas, inter alia, They have joined to claims made from the Andalusian a proposal from the Andalusian Parliament. It is recalled that the Government of Andalusia recently obtained the commitment of the Minister of Energy of the central government include this line electricity development plan 2015-2020.