Oria women participate in social and educational workshops for the prevention of mental disorders


This initiative is part of the goal of prevention of mental disorders Comprehensive Mental Health Plan of Andalusia.

A dozen women in the municipality of Oria have participated in the workshops of socio-educational groups (GRUSE) organized by the Northern Area Health Almería, through the primary health care center of the town. This initiative is part of the objective of promoting mental health and preventing mental disorders Comprehensive Mental Health Plan of Andalusia (LETTER).

The aim of GRUSE to improve the health of adult women who come to the consultation in health centers and need support to cope with everyday life. Wanted “demedicalize” which it is not a disease, modifying the individual's response thanks to group work, emphasizing the “active” that they exist in the environment to take control of emotions and behaviors.

The GRUSE are aimed at women between 30 and 65 years old, without specific mental health condition, with deficits in family or social support seeking consultation for unspecific complaints or somatization that generate suffering. They include women with social and personal complications that act as risk factors for mental health problem, or presence of stressful life events constitutes a clear risk factor for vulnerable people.

They are groups of 8 and 15 women, who meet in sessions and a half hours each week with a total of eight sessions held in health centers conducted by a social worker.

Access to the group through primary care physicians, performing referral to social work unit health will be the reference and the driver of the group, although it is also possible to access its own initiative addressing women's own social worker.

Participants say they get better solve their problems, They have higher self-esteem, Assertiveness win and develop new personal skills that help them adapt to each situation and overcome difficulties before socially isolated them. In parallel, a more rational use is made of drugs, It improves symptoms and reduces visits to both health centers as consultations Mental Health.

Last year, the Ministry of Health itself, Social Services and Equality Andalusian recognized this initiative as a good practice for the prevention of gender-based violence and early detection.