Mobilization against gouging water in the Almanzora.

In a ceremony in Huercal-Overa, Socialists are offered to reach a solution that meets the law and not contrary to the municipalities.

The PSOE Almeria gathered yesterday in Huercal-Overa over two hundred neighbors Levante and Almanzora to discuss the "impasse" that has led the government team of the Provincial Government to municipalities that are shareholders or have Galasa agreements signed with this public company. The act, organized by the Ministry of Municipal Political and Institutional PSOE Almeria, has served to put on the table the "failure" of the team of the Provincial Government in its attempt to amend the statutes of the public company, whenever the term given to municipalities Galasa to ratify the new constitution was exhausted last day 14 February, without any council, Taberno and beyond Pulpí, has given its confirmation.

The Socialists have urged the government team in the County PP to explain "what they plan to do with Galasa now that have failed for the second time in its attempt to get the other municipalities of the new statutes". At this point, responsible for the PSOE have explained that already in July last year the council gave them a deadline to councils to ratify the amendment to the rules of Galasa, but only got approval Taberno, Pulpí and Garrucha. The second time, even Garrucha City Council wanted to "jump into the pool", admitted as mayor.

The PSOE was made in the act of Huercal-Overa a digital magazine that explained "aberration" that seeks to make the PP with Galasa and how fees would be increased by up to 175% with new statutes that "nobody wants to pass". Also, also presented a model of motion, the various socialist groups recorded in all municipalities affected, and the offer to be part of a solution that conforms to the law and not contrary to the municipalities or the interests of citizens.

As explained by the head of the Ministry of Municipal and Institutional Policy PSOE, Adela Segura, statutes intended that the County Council approve "include abusive conditions for municipalities, as the obligation to cede power to fix the price of water to Galasa, that would establish a unit rate, without taking into account the particularities of each municipality without a study of costs, as legally ".

Moreover, according to the statutes that have not gone ahead, municipalities could not sign cooperation agreements with Galasa, but would have to become members, receive public company providing the service of the integral water cycle and cede its facilities. Log in as a partner in Galasa would assume a share of the debt of public enterprises, exceeding 20,2 million. It so happens, moreover, that in that 'proportional sharing' of debt between municipalities intended to make the Popular Party was excluded from the Provincial, having the 51% actions of Galasa.

Adela Segura regretted that the PP in the council "has not only solved the problem of Galasa, but it has worsened, leaving, also, ridicule PP mayors as part of the General Meeting of Shareholders of Galasa, who voted for the new constitution at the AGM but then have not been able to pass the same text in full or its municipalities have even voted against, as in the case of Vera ".

Segura has insisted that the PSOE is willing to "work together to find a solution to the problem of Galasa, long as the solution does not go against the local autonomy of municipalities, against the interests of citizens and against what makes the rules ".