US military retirees are demanding the US government to compensate them for radiation Palomares


A group of veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States has filed a class action lawsuit to legally claim the US government to compensate them for the alleged damage to their health which meant having participated in 1966 in the cleanup of the town of Palomares (Almería), where they fell four hydrogen bombs.

The events date back to 17 January 1966, when the collision between a US bomber and refueling aircraft ended not only with the death of eleven crew, but with the fall of four pumps in Palomares. None came to explode, but did the two of them detonators, loaded with plutonium.

The United States then launched an extensive cleaning device involved “about 1.600 effective”, responsible not only to track where the planes crashed but also removing the contaminated soil allegedly. A group of veterans now claims that did not have the proper protective equipment and were exposed to “radiation levels far exceeding the current limits”.

The retired officer Air Force Victor B. Skaar has submitted to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Affairs Washington a class action lawsuit already has the backing of other former military and claiming compensation the federal government US, It is according to a Yale University, which works through its Faculty of Law.

“During years, Air Force denied the existence of any biological sample. When they finally admitted their existence, it was obvious that the samples showed that had been exposed to dangerous levels of plutonium”, Skaar explained, I had 29 when he participated in the operation. “Above 50 Years after, the Department of Veterans Affairs continues to deny that exposure to radiation in Palomares had affected our health”, has added.

The documents submitted to the court records that the military has suffered in the decades following the incident radiation-related diseases, “including cancer and blood disorders”.

The proposal has the support of Sen. Richard Blumenthal, which it has urged the government of Donald Trump's examine these claims, to the extent that plaintiffs “They were exposed to dangerous radiation while faithfully served the nation in cleaning up an accident with hydrogen bombs.

Source: EuropaPress